Pocket Cane - Ultra-Compact Walking Cane

Posted: April 18, 2020
Pocket Cane - Ultra-Compact Walking Cane
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Instant pimp, at your service. And, sure, the Pocket Cane is also a convenient and less cumbersome way for the injured and elderly to keep a walking stick close at hand.

Retracting to 14" long, the Pocket Cane is small enough to fit in a bag, store in the side pocket of a car door or back of an airplane seat, or dangle from the back of a chair while you're seated. Just as handy, the cane can lock in place at various points along the way to its full 37" extension, so you can adjust it to give you a boost up when you're seated or provide support when you're not standing at full height (e.g., when you need to bend over to pick something up).

The compact Pocket Cane is made of aluminum alloy, and has a total weight of 0.73 pounds. It is suitable for users up to 6'2" tall, and has a load-bearing capacity of 220 pounds.

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