Razersuperfuture Gamer Sunglasses

Posted: May 03, 2023
Razersuperfuture Gamer Sunglasses
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I know what you're thinking about Razersuperfutures, a collaboration between Razer and Retrosuperfuture to create so-called "gamer sunglasses." You're thinking, When do gamers ever go out in the sun? Well, don't worry, because if you came here for a gift for a gamer, you're still in luck: Razersuperfutures are made to be worn indoors, while gaming, too.

The chunky, black matte acetate frames are fitted with outdoor / indoor photochromic lenses. Even better, those lenses have a blue light protection finish, which some say helps prevent Digital Eye Fatigue and Computer Vision Syndrome during extended gaming sessions.

The Razersuperfuture Black Matte release drops on May 5, 2023, and is intended to be just the first in a continuing 2-player eyewear effort between Razer and Retrosuperfuture. Retrosuperfuture considers the partnership a "natural extension of its unique brand positioning at the forefront of [the] contemporary streetwear market." And Razer probably just views it as yet another way to make money. Though in my opinion the gamer sunglasses aren't quite as desirable as the brand's Sneki Snek Slippers from 2021, they've gotten D-CAVE to curate the Razersuperfuture Sunglasses, so it appears the real "digital culture savvy" see a lot of promise in them.

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