Settlers of Catan Socks

Posted: September 18, 2013
Settlers of Catan Socks
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Betabrand's first production of Socks of Catan sold out in less than a week. So now would-be settlers of the feet sheaths must roll 7s until those who bought the socks by the dozen are forced to give back enough to replenish the vendor's supply. According to Betabrand's statistical analysis of dice odds and the quantity of people who begrudge snatcher uppers of initial Socks of Catan inventory, these numbers will be achieved by late October 2013.

Hexed-out socks are a cotton-poly blend that fit men's sizes 8 to 12, and women's sizes 6 and up. Though they will garner no victory points during The Settlers of Catan play, wearing them will earn you innumerable victory points in life.

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