Sushi Cat Keychains

Posted: November 05, 2023
Sushi Cat Keychains
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Sushi Cat, Sushi Cat, what are they feeding you? / Sushi Cat, Sushi Cat, it's not your... wait. Scratch that. More like Sushi Cat, Sushi Cat, who are they feeding you to? / Sushi Cat, Sushi Cat, it's not your fault! And I'd also add: You poor bastard though, what a way to go. RIP.

These Sushi Cat, or "Nekozushi" Keychains debuted as part of Blind Box collectible series. There are 5 unique pieces of fishy feline nigiri, each measuring around 1.38" x 1.57" x 0.79". Their keyrings are detachable, and the listing here includes all five kitty delicacies.

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