The Brow Sun Visor

Posted: February 20, 2022
The Brow Sun Visor
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Not your typical sun visor hat, and definitely not your typical sunglasses, The Brow sunblockers call themselves a pair of "open shades." That is, shades that protect your eyes from the brightness of direct sunlight, without warping your view of colors, hiding part of your face, or preventing you from looking people in the eye.

Wait, funky colors, better tones, facial cover-up, and the elimination of eye contact - The Brow is proposing to take the best parts of wearing sunglasses away?!

Well, I guess that's cool if you're into it.

On the aesthetic goofiness scale, I'd say The Brow sun visor falls somewhere between Wicks Stick-on Sweat Shields and those half-frame rhinestone glasses I found about a year ago. Presuming the open shades work, I'll rank them more towards the Sweat Shields for serving an actual purpose.

In addition to a daily sunglasses alternative, The Brow's Dutch designers say they're especially useful for sports, particularly golf and tennis, as well as other outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, sailing, and watching live games and shows. As a gift for athletes, The Brow gives players a clear view of their equipment and space, and doesn't get fogged, wet, or salty with sweat or water.

The Brow frames are made of high-performance nylon (TR90) and weigh just 19 grams. Learn more about the open shades sun visor here on Kickstarter, and pledge for one of your own through March 23, 2022.

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