The FlaskTie

Posted: June 20, 2013
The Flask Tie

While I don't condone sleeping on a tie at work, I must say I have generally found my productivity (and genius!) levels to be highest after a few swigs of Grey Goose. So drinking out of a tie at work = acceptable. In moderation, of course. No more than 6 fluid ounces of liquor per session. Which, lo and behold, is the exact quantity the FlaskTie holds.

FlaskTie invites you to choose from 32 designs of woven microfiber business on top, and rest assured the hidden TieBladder and easy-access TieBite mouthpiece will deliver a party from underneath. Office cubes, stuffy conferences, Mass, non-alcoholic weddings (aka the ones I'm not buying you a gift for whether I go or not)--they could all use a little livening up or edge-taking off, and I'm willing to bet the combination of 1 FlaskTie and 4 shots of tequila won't simply do the trick, it will make the trick a jolly good time. Just keep repeating what I tell myself during bender preparation every Friday night: I'm not the kind of guy who goes out and gets drunk. I'm the kind of guy who goes out and gets awesome.

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