Trayvax Wallet

Posted: April 05, 2016
Trayvax Wallet

In a world flowing with more wallet designs (and wallet crowdfunding projects) than cash, Trayvax still stands out to me every time I see it. It's fairly roomy for a minimalist wallet, with space for 10 cards and 5 bills, but Trayvax's main selling points are its rugged, industrial look and, the company promises, equally rugged, industrial performance.

The wallet's military-grade metal aircraft aluminum frame supports an e-coated steel backplate wrapped in heat-resistant elastic, and finished with blackened metal grommets and Type III 550 paracord. The enclosure is fully RFID-resistant. A bottle opener cutout on the end completes the Trayvax look and utilitarian services.

All Trayvax wallets are handcrafted in the US. They come in multiple colors, as well as Element and Axis styles. The Trayvax pictured here is the company's Original design.

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