Cali Crusher Smell-Proof Roll Top Backpack

Posted: August 13, 2022
Cali Crusher Smell-Proof Roll Top Backpack
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PSA from the Cali Crusher Smell-Proof Roll Top Backpack: It's back to school shopping time! Using layers of thermo foil, absorbent foam, activated carbon, and polyester mesh, Cali Crusher believes they have created a 100% smell-proof bag for all you dudes and ladies out there who tend to stash your packs with sweaty clothes and sneaks, takeout you don't plan to eat for several hours, and freshly-filled baggies of dog poop.

Nah, just kidding. Cali Crusher Smell-Proof Roll Top Backpacks are for the inconspicuous transport of your weed stash.

Though they'd probably come in handy for those other things too.

Cali Crusher packs unroll to reveal a main compartment with inner laptop sleeve, a pair of mesh pockets, and extra space to pile in larger gear. A smaller front pocket provides easier access to stuff you might weed in a pinch, and a waterproof zipper seal and carbon-lined fabric make the bag weather-resistant in addition to odor-thwarting.

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