Cravar Leather Journals & Tote Bags

Posted: November 12, 2015
Cravar Leather Journals & Tote Bags
$35 - $239
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Cravar creators Yoki Baskara and Rama Luhur began their leather journey with a trip and a kick. Baskara took an interest in the textile during a backpacking adventure to Italy, after which he began designing and fabricating leather photo albums for his photography business. When he linked up with Luhur to spearhead the business end of the fledgling Cravar, the pair decided to debut their first collection on Kickstarter. That was in 2013, and it was a resounding success. Today, Cravar employs a team of 10 craftsmen in their Jakarta, Indonesia studio, and is back on Kickstarter to debut a new line of leather travel journals and tote bags.

All Cravar designs subscribe to the principles of simplicity, functionality, and modern elegance. They are made from full-grain vegetable tanned leather, sourced from partners in Jogjakarta, an Indonesian city known for its leather industry. The tanning process moves hides through a series of pits containing tanning liquor. Stage by stage, the leather takes on its armor of strength and smooth finish.

Cravar's lady-gift-worthy tote line includes 4 styles and 3 leather colors. Large, Tall, Medium, and Slim Tall bags come in your choice of Espresso, Rust, or Fox. For further personalization, backers can also choose to mix and match tote body and handle colors, as well as add an initials monogram or custom brass stamp on the front. Tote handles are adjustable from 7" to 9" to accommodate varying heights and tastes. They also feature: 2 inside pockets; double-stitched seams for durability; hidden interior rivet caps so tote contents won't get scratched; an additional layer of leather at the base for reinforcement; an optional zipper-top upgrade; and an optional add-on Sunbrella or leather pouch.

Cravar travel journals also come in a bevy of options. Choose from Small, Large, or A5 sizes, each with either a Slot, Strap, or Wrap closure, and in Espresso, Rust, or Fox. Get them with a book--blank or lined--inside, or without.

Cravar's tote and travel journal Kickstarter campaign runs through November 28, 2015.

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