Laundry Bag Backpack

Posted: July 24, 2019
Laundry Bag Backpack
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College may be about learning knowledge, but it's also about learning to be a pack mule. On any given day you're lugging a backpack brimming with books and tech, hauling boxes in and out of dorms and apartments, or schlepping a laundry bag bursting with rank underwear and jeans you've eeked 17 wears out of before washing. Well now for your latter muling task, my college-bound friends, you have the option of throwing your dirty clothes over your back and making the trek to the laundry room just like you do to the classroom.

These laundry bag backpacks call themselves "XXL," meaning they measure 28" tall x 15" wide standard, but also have a cinch sack extender at the top that can grow them to 40" tall. Made of strong and waterproof oxford cloth, the packs can hold up to a week's worth of laundry with no worries of ripping or refusing to close.

For the transport part, the laundry packs have padded adjustable backpack straps, and for storage in your room there are a pair of strings for hanging the bag from the back of your door.

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