LITO Foldable Suitcase

Posted: November 21, 2022
LITO Foldable Suitcase
$417 - $457
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On the left we have Lito before Dallas Buyers Club and on the right we have Lito during filming for his Oscar-winning role. ... Bad joke? Wrong spelling of "Lito?" Yes and yes, dudes! But if this dude is anything, it's corny and tasteless, and that corny and tasteless joke is the first thing I thought of when I saw the LITO Foldable Suitcase.

Plus, LITO Travel doesn't offer up much info about their clever, storage-friendly design for carry-ons and checked bags, except to say the folding system is controlled by internal panels. And that when expanded for use, it offers "resistance to pressure," which presumably means it won't crush shut again under the weight of other bags and baggage handlers having chuck-it competitions with passenger luggage.

The carry-on LITO Foldable Suitcase is a 20-incher (40L) and the checked bag 24 inches (70L). Both have a 15.6" laptop pocket and 1-click TSA omni opening.

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