Mission Workshop Arkiv Modular Packs

Posted: August 05, 2018
Mission Workshop Arkiv Modular Packs
$235 - $365
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Arkiv modular backpacks give every pair of shoulders the option to beef up or strip down their load as needed. Choose from 3 different styles of 20L or 40L base packs, and then add smaller modules their exterior rails to change the shape, size, and functionality of your Arkiv whenever you want.

Arkiv base packs include the R2, R6, and R8 series, with numbers denoting the number of rails the pack has. All 3 come in 20L or 40L sizes and can be used as either a roll-top bag, or in a traditional flap-down configuration. They have one external zippered pocket for small personal items, and one interior zippered pocket for documents a laptop up to 15". Arkiv packs, as well as their modular accessories, are weatherproof.

Modules include: a laptop case; a folio or mini folio; a horizontal zip case; a tool pocket; a zippered pocket; a rolltop pocket; cell phone pockets; and a utility pocket.

Arkiv maker Mission Workshop has options in their online store for you to build your own modular pack (arrives with modules assembled) or purchase an Arkiv pack they've predesigned for you. The latter are The Explorer (R6 40L base), The Minimalist (R2 20L base), and The Commuter (R6 20L base).

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