My Hitch Hands-Free Bag Dragger

Posted: August 09, 2016
My Hitch Hands-Free Bag Dragger
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They have Smart Luggage with built-in GPS, remote locking, and battery charging capabilities...for $440. They also have hands-free luggage that follows along beside you remotely, linked to a bracelet on your wrist, and fitted with a sonar-based CO-EYE so it won't run into walls or fall of cliffs...for $450.

My Hitch doesn't use satellites or sensors, wi-fi or li-ions. In fact, it's utter lack of 21st century technology makes anyone using a My Hitch look kind of, uh, goofy. Like they grew a tail. That grew a tail. That grew a suitcase. But it does grant hands-free control over roller bags. Frees travelers up to hold a coffee or use their phone while walking 2-1/2 miles through the Dallas airport. Prevents theft not via Bluetooth notifications but, according My Hitch creator and airline pilot Robert Lian, because your backside will feel the jostling if anyone tries to unzip or disturb your new caboose. It gets the job done. And it costs $17.95.

Lian designed the My Hitch for long "commutes" within airports. The hard plastic double hook latches onto your waistband or belt loop at one end, and your carry-on bag's handle at the other. It can tote rollers weighing 25 pounds or less. Lian says it can also turn, U-Turn, or walk in circles with you without stopping or funking up your gait.

My Hitch works best when fitted at the center of your waist, and when you're wearing a belt or tighter-fitting trousers (i.e., it might pants you if your waistband is elastic.) You can also attach the hook off-center if you want to make it fit tighter, or be able to keep an eye on your bag in your peripheral vision.

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