Blocc Reusable Face Shield

Posted: July 26, 2020
Blocc Reusable Face Shield
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The Blocc face shield is here to face off with your wandering hands and Shut. Them Down. No matter how charming, how persuasive, how pushy they get, Blocc will turn into your personal bouncer, a polycarbonate wall of "Back off, we're not in the mood tonight."

Touching our faces is often a subconscious, reflexive action. It can be a calming mechanism that engages our senses to provide comfort. Ironic, then, that face touching is one of the top line items medical experts include on their list of Don't do it!s for avoiding COVID-19 (and viral / bacterial infections in general.) Ironic because during these pandemic times of high stress and anxiety, all many of us want to do is soothe ourselves with some quality face-touching time. I know I myself never feel more inclined to rub some schmutz out of my eyes or scratch an itchy nose than the moment I put on a face mask and enter a public place.

The Blocc face shield, which you can wear over a standard N95 or cloth face mask and/or glasses, covers key infection entry points, the eyes, nose, and mouth, with a more streamlined design that's easier to wear the typical bulky face shields that strap across your forehead. Blocc slips over your face like glasses. It curves out around your cheeks, and then tapers inward to curve down towards your chin.

It is unclear whether or not Blocc alone is an acceptable substitution for a face mask, especially given its expressed compatibility with them, but its makers do note it covers key face points "from direct respiratory droplets" while providing proper airflow. They say the design makes the Blocc face shield a fine companion for outdoor activities where you'll be breathing harder, and with its aerodynamic contours, a useful wind-deflector for cyclists.

Its polycarbonate construction makes the Blocc face shield reusable with regular washings in soap and water. It is also treated with an anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating. If you want to wear a Blocc this fall, head over to the face shield's Kickstarter campaign by July 29, 2020.

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