Christmas Tree Kitty Carpet - Reusable Crotch Wig

Posted: December 11, 2019
Christmas Tree Kitty Carpet - Reusable Crotch Wig
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Wife or girlfriend wishing for a kitty under the Christmas tree this year? Welp, get her a Christmas Tree Kitty Carpet and you'll basically be giving her exactly what she asked for. While saving yourself the allergic reactions, claw marks, and litter box duties.

Typically it's the kitties that can't wait to pounce on your Christmas tree, but with this reusable crotch wig we see what might be the first Christmas tree that can't wait to pounce on your kitty. We've seen that which they call "merkins" around here before, and while the Kitty Carpet doesn't use real human hair or try to replicate the coarse and coiled look of real bushy pubic hair, it is still recommended for use in covering up "botched Brazilians, misbehaved shaves, and unveiled vajayjays."

In addition to the green Christmas tree Kitty Carpet shown here, maker Fashion First Aid issues reusable merkins in other fun colors and shapes, such as red hearts, green shamrocks, and blue Hanukkah bushes.

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