Gamer Goo Antiperspirant - Dry Grip for Sweaty Hands

Posted: May 31, 2020
Gamer Goo Antiperspirant - Dry Grip for Sweaty Hands
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Gamer Goo Antiperspirant sounds like the dry grip for sweaty hands some athletes use to help them avoid butter fingering a ball. Except gamers don't really sweat due to a high level of exertion so much as because their mamas won't let them turn up the AC and their body is trying to digest the 7-pound burrito they just ate.

Nonetheless, whether they're gripping a football or a Switch controller, sweaty hands are sweaty hands, and if you're "tired of your hands sweating in the thick of the action and causing greasy peripherals that're hard to handle," Gamer Goo hand-ipersipirant can help keep them dry. Without leaving behind stains, residue, or, unlike Fallout, harmful toxins.

Gamer Goo also comes in 6 delightful scents, including Orange, Cinnamon, and Teakwood, to help mask the B.O. and burrito aromas currently controlling the environment.

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