Ice Roller - Therapeutic Skincare & Pain Relief

Posted: November 23, 2019
Ice Roller - Therapeutic Skincare & Pain Relief
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Dull skin, inflammation, and even aches and pains get the freeze-out with the Ice Roller for face and body.

In part the Ice Roller another weapon for ladies to add to their arsenal of beauty products, with its frozen wheel serving to steamroll away the puffiness of eyes and cheeks that have had a rough night, and brighten up complexions that have gone uneven and dull.

But once faces return to acceptable radiance, the Ice Roller can also glide to other areas of the body, those that might also be suffering from one too many Chardonnays and truffle fries. Use it as a massage tool to relieve headache pain, and ease tense muscles in the back and neck, as well as sore feet.

Ladies, dudes, and kiddos who spend too much time in the sun can also Ice Roll away some of the heat and pain of a sunburn. The multi-purpose roller needs a few hours in the freezer to get sufficiently cold, and should produce facial-level results in about 5 minutes of use. When fully frozen, it will stay cold for a few hours for use on other areas of the body.

The Ice Roller is a top Dude gift for a woman pick.

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