Mysseuse Self-Massager & Towel Holder

Posted: June 07, 2017
Mysseuse Self-Massager & Towel Holder
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I've makeshift Mysseuse-d myself on the corner of a wall or door more times than I can count. And self-massages with devices like the Shiatsu Pillow and doohickies like the Beastie Bar have become pretty popular for kneading out tension and fighting muscle soreness. But that the Mysseuse A) mounts to your wall with a big ol' hard plastic ball you can adjust to dig into your own back or neck (leg if you can get it up that high!), and B) doubles as a towel or bathrobe hanger when you're not administering corporal relief gives this massager some unexpected charm, and sets it apart from all the other tools and tactics for at-home bodywork.

The knobby Mysseuse screws into your wall--most probably your bathroom wall, but the kitchen could work too for all you tightly-wrought cooks out there--like a towel / robe /coat hook. Its 5 pegs give you height options for the ball's position so when you lean into it you can start the kneading at juuuust the right spot. When the massage is finished, throw your terry cloth onto the Mysseuse, tell the ball to hold on tight, and enjoy a little loose 'n' relaxed naked happy dance all through the house.

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