QuietFrames - Visual-Noise-Cancelling Glasses

Posted: April 07, 2023
QuietFrames - Visual-Noise-Cancelling Glasses
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QuietFrames are for when there are too many sights to behold, too many stimuli catching your eye, too much visual noise. QuietFrames are Swedish-designed eyeglasses that claim to be an "innovation for visual noise reduction." Or, if you like, visual-noise-cancelling glasses.

Though the jury (i.e., eye doctors) is still out on how much lenses that block blue light can help with eye fatigue, QuietFrames does join other brands of gaming glasses and eyewear made for heavy computer use in adding blue light filters to theirs. However, with a mission not only to reduce fatigue, but also to increase performance and help you find "inner peace," QuietFrames have some additional features to help qualify them as an innovation.

Inspired probably by horse blinders, QuietFrames have a shielding layer in their lenses that help deflect distractions, and create a personal bubble for wearers who want to focus only on what is in front of them. This reduction in peripheral input, makers say, decreases stress on the brain, which must otherwise detect and decide how to manage it.

QuietFrames also have side and top screening that blocks out the harsh and flickering LED lighting that blares from many overhead installations in offices and public places. This is intended to lessen visual discomfort, and create a better sense of calm. It may also help reduce headaches for regular sufferers.

QuietFrames buyers can customize their visual noise reduction glasses with no magnified lenses, a range of reading glasses strengths, or single / progressive lenses made with their own prescription.

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