Ruf Retard 907 - Intimate Spray for Men

Posted: November 13, 2016
Ruf Retard 907 - Intimate Spray for Men

Oh man, between the Jesus drink markers and this bottle of Retard spray, it's a day of low-hanging fruit in my world. No, more accurately in this case, low-hanging johnsons. No, people who power trip on being offended, Retard 907 is not an obnoxious joke or parody on the mentally handicapped. I don't know why maker Ruf decided to go with the shortened version of the word, but "retard" here means retardant. As in inhibitor. A substance that slows something down. Ruf Retard 907 is a spray that extends dudes' sexy stories so they don't reach the happy endings too soon.

Now it's not clear to me what's in Retard 907, or how it does what it say it do, but the pitch is that a mist over the tube steak 5 or so minutes before the chilling portion of Neflix & chill begins will reduce the stimulate of the glans, and enable men to thrust more, prolong their enjoyment, and maybe make sure their partner gets a nice O in there too.

In addition to holding back the march of ejaculation nation, Retard 907 claims it will also help maintain a more rigid erection during penetration.

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