Saddleback Leather Coffin

Posted: October 29, 2017
Leather Coffin
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When you go, go out in style. Saddleback Leather founder Dave Munson made this Leather Coffin for himself. For his future, departed self. And when he finished it, he liked his full-grain final resting place so much that he decided to make the caskets available to fellow Saddleback enthusiasts too. So here you go leather lovers: a hardwood box wrapped in 9 full-grain hides, a pigskin lining, and a full-grain leather pillow. Finally. Something about your funeral to look forward to.

Additional Leather Coffin features include a fully detachable lid with 3 leather strap closures, and 6 reinforced handles for your pallbearers. Who better be strong and buryly and make sure they have a solid grip on their piece before giving the ready cue; the casket on its own weighs 270 pounds. Inside are 2 large leather pockets for notes and mementos from loved ones, and a wood plaque Saddleback will custom engrave with your preferred message, verse, or quip. Dave chose Psalms 23. I'd probably go with something from Jack Handey.

The Leather Coffin will fit anyone up to 6'8". It comes with Saddleback's standard 100-year warranty in case it somehow dies before you do. But 100 years is the limit, capiche, vampires? Saddleback doesn't want to hear about your rickety, scratched-up, blood-stained Leather Coffin 5 centuries from now.

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