ABananaCover Naked Feeling Boxer Briefs

Posted: May 20, 2022
ABananaCover Naked Feeling Boxer Briefs
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ABananaCover might not be as sexy as a banana hammock, but these naked feeling boxer briefs sure look a helluva lot more comfortable 'round back than the flossy fabric of a thong wedged between my butt cheeks. And made of superfine micro modal fabric, these ultra-soft, barely-there underwear won't just feel commando-esque, they'll also wear thin enough that you won't have to deal with panty lines. So toss the banana hammock to the screaming ladies, dudes, and get ready to snuggle your junk under ABananaCover!

Actually, I've never worn a pair of ABananaCover Boxer Briefs, so I don't know how comfortable and naked-feeling they are, but they do look right nice. Their makers say they are 3 times softer than cotton, naturally thermoregulating, "and ready for your private part." Yes, "part" singular, which makes me very nervous to think about what happened to the testicles of the dude who wrote that copy.

ABananaCover Boxer Briefs' micro modal fabric is a blend of bamboo and silk, both sustainable, along with the packaging the underwear comes in.

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