AyeGear 13-Pocket Hoodie

Posted: May 19, 2015
AyeGear 13-Pocket Hoodie
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A hoodie with 13 internal pockets that won't add discomfort or make you look like Pillsbury's new Hipster Doughboy when you fill them? AyeGear's H13 should be welcome news for tech and gear heads who can't leave home without every item they own with a charger, magnetic stripe, "urban survivalist" designation, and outer wrapper that reads "Snickers". It will probably also pique the interest of kleptos who like to go to the mall and steal things.

The AyeGear H13 is a fleece-lined hoodie with 13 built-in compartments tailored for the discreet housing of all your favorite EDC items. With connectivity, accessibility, mobility, and security in mind, the zip-up design has designated pockets for smartphones (touch-sensitive pocket), tablets, sunglasses, passports and credit cards, cash, and keys. Ideal for travelers and couch surfers, the H13 is made of premium fabric and quality stitching intended to endure frequent wear, and is machine washable.

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