Beer Koozie Shorts

Posted: February 23, 2014
Beer Koozie Shorts
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Cold beers, cold thighs, elastic waist to accommodate the intake of fried things with your Buds and Coors, what more could you ask for in a pair of shorts? Beershorts' pair of built-in koozies not only eliminate the tedious task of finding a table or risking setting your can in the line of foot fire on the ground, but their neoprene liners also keep your beers, plus the legs next to them, chilled and tasty on hot summer days. Instant cold refreshment access on the golf course, at the grill, on the beach, and in the 42-minute ticket line to get in to Guardians of the Galaxy is now as close as your femurs.

Beershorts have a self-adjusting waist to automatically size and stay comfortable during beer storage, and a quick-release zip fly catering to consumed beer that is ready to come back out.

When purchasing Beershorts, creator Carl Winans recommends ordering a size up. He also congratulates you for graduating from a double-fisting amateur to a double-legging pro.

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