Captain America Winter Soldier Jacket

Posted: April 11, 2014
Captain America Winter Soldier Jacket
$179 - $229
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While the Captain America Winter Soldier leather jacket doesn't exactly have the same presence as the Captain America motorcycle suit, in a way it's a much more practical investment because A) it's way cheaper, and B) you have a way better chance of wearing it in real life without getting beat up. (For San Diego Comic-Con though, full-body USA hog suit all way!)

Film Jackets will outfit you to become a Super Soldier on your morning commute and night of bar hopping alike. Their 2014 Captain America jacket release was designed to replicate the superhero's own 2014 release, The Winter Soldier. Available in synthetic and real leather outer shells, the all-weather, all-occasion, all-powerful jacket even assists those who don't already have the body of Chris Evans with cut padding on the abs and delts. I've found this type of amenity also comes in handy when I call a girl fat because she won't talk to me and end up on the receiving end of a sucker punch.

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