Cel Shaded Jeans

Posted: May 23, 2017
Cel Shaded Jeans
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Need your video games and comic books on you at all times? Deja Neuf Heures has come up with a slightly different way to accomplish that: hand-painted cel shaded jeans.

Whether you need a pair of pants to pair with your Psycho Bandit mask and buzz axe, want to look like you're trying out for the live theater adaptation of Cool World, or just need some statement threads that everyone and their French bulldog isn't wearing (yet) the cel shaded jeans are here to help you meet your fashion goals. Available in both men's and women's pant styles - straight-leg relaxed for dudes, skinny for ladies - Deja Neuf Heures paints all garments to order with fabric paint. No two will be alike.

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