Crotchless Yoga Pants

Posted: January 07, 2022
Crotchless Yoga Pants
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Who's up for a little downward dog...gy style? These Crotchless Yoga Pants from Cherry ChiChi proudly describe themselves as "yoga pants for sex." Just in case there was any confusion, or a moment's thought that they could be anything else. So congrats, all you upward horndogs and kids eager to try plow-her pose, your prayers have been answered. I guess.

Just seems to me if you wanted to incorporate yoga and sex, you wouldn't bother with Crotchless Yoga Pants, or any clothes at all. Naked sexy yoga sounds way more erotic than than cotton-spandex blend with one tiny access hole at the crotchal region sexy yoga to me.

But to each their own fetish, I guess.

Speaking of which, if you're more of an assman / asswoman, Cherry ChiChi also has Assless Yoga Pants in their yoga pants for sex collection.

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