Deconstructed Cargo Pants

Posted: April 02, 2019
Deconstructed Cargo Pants

Deconstructed Cargo Pants. Deconstructed, indeed. Like shorts with a whole train of dingleberries.

They look super handy and, um, comfortable, don't they? All those little pouches for ladies to stash their cards and keys, lipsticks and compacts, extra pacifiers and Cheerios. Not to mention a bevy of tactical loops for clipping on sunglasses, a phone charger and hair bands, a burp-up & boogie cloth. Mother's Day isn't so far off, dudes. Those who know they'll be looking for gifts for Mom can get a jump start through the Namilia online store, and turn Deconstructed Cargo Pants into the new Mom Jeans.

Like these Lace-Up Jeans, Deconstructed Cargo Pants are an affront to the eyes you just can't look away from. Ladies, can you imagine tightening the straps of those self-described "leg cages" around your thighs and behind your knees on a hot day? Or sitting down in them, or walking in them, or standing in line at the grocery store in them on any day?

Now I don't understand jack about fashion, but I do know a thing or two about straitjackets, and on a basic comfort and mobility level, Deconstructed Cargo Pants don't look too far off.

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