Electric Hoodies

Posted: November 25, 2012
Electric Hoodies

Hammer, your time is over. Your replacement: electroluminescent rope. Henceforth, when I want cessation of all movement for the announcement of a thematic activity in which all are expected to participate, I'll be shouting, Stop. Electroluminescent rope time. Electric MVMT's Delaware St. Hoodies alight the night, the club, and the lairs o' love with showy neon accents that put the flashy wardrobe of a certain iconic MC to shame. After all, this is the 21st century. Here we learn how to dance from movement-detecting video games instead of poppy rappers' music videos, and when we talk about statement fashion, we're talking about yardage of electric rope running the seams of our zippers--up one side, around the edge of the hood, and then back down the other--instead of glitter-dipped parachute pants and rhinestone-laden tapered suit jackets*.

Delaware St. Electric Hoodies come in 3 color combinations: black with blue light rope; white with blue rope; and white with pink rope. The latter for girls and men who like dressing like them. Such as, for example, MC Hammer. Team one up with a pair of Laser Laces and prepare to rule the night. Maybe even the world.

*I dont' really have a beef with, or any particular disregard for MC Hammer, nee Stanley Kirk Burrell. He just happened to pop into my head because I attended a TRL throwback dance party last night (yeah, Total Request Live, Carson Daly, the defining MTV programming of the mid-90s), and despite it not really being appropriate for the era, everyone kept doing the running man and shouting, "Hammer time!"

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