Leopard Leggings

Posted: January 12, 2018
Leopard Leggings
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As long as you're in a pair of leopard leggings, ladies, it's OK to let the claws come out at hot yoga. Random chick stole the spot you've been putting your mat every class for the past 6 months? Dude next to you smells like he hasn't washed his shorts yet this year? Room temperature a chilly 99 degrees when everyone knows Bikram is supposed to be 105? Maybe it's time to get a little catty, put some leopard in some faces.

Or just pack up your leopard leggings and switch to kickboxing, where they invite you to channel irritation and aggression through fun things like boxing bags that feel like human bodies instead of deep inhales and exhales.

Vie Active's Whitneys are 7/8 length, mid-rise leggings cut to slim and elongate legs, and made with compression fabric that supports "fleshier" stomach, leg, and butt areas. The leggings shown here are the "Bronze Leopard" Whitneys, but from my vantage point these 10/10 yoga pants look like pure gold.

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