Mass Effect N7 Leather Jacket

Posted: March 09, 2014
Mass Effect N7 Leather Jacket
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You can now have Commander Shepard's N7 leather jacket in 100% Italian lambskin, modeled after the European racing style, and manufactured for BioWare by the same company that makes leather coats for Ferrari. That is, you can have it if you can wait until April. And if you have successfully completed the ICT program. And, most importantly, if you don't look like a tool when you put on a leather jacket. (Wamp, wamp, Cornelius. You're eliminated.)

The tailored piece of Mass Effect gear is lightweight and acceptable for year-round wear. However, I would recommend taking it off during showering, ocean-frolicking, and sex. Wouldn't want to ruin the investment with liquid exposure. Jackets sport armor stripes running the length of each arm and the signature "N7" embroidered on the right chest. A heavy-duty zipper caps off the look with its N7 zipper pull.

The N7 leather jacket production run will be limited to 600 pieces, each including a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a custom N7 embroidered garment bag. They'll also come with a voucher for a free BioWare hoodie, which I will give to my friend Cornelius if I determine he can pull off an N7 sweatshirt.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

June 2017 Update: It looks like BioWare has sold out of the limited edition N7 leather jackets, but they are selling a faux leather version of it here.

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