Polar Shorts - Fleece Shorts for Spring & Fall

Posted: August 12, 2019
Polar Shorts - Fleece Shorts for Spring & Fall
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They might make you look more like one of the 3 bears, but Polar Shorts, insulated fleece shorts described as "comfy AF," will make you feel like Goldilocks come spring and fall. Hear that, Dad? Your choice of 100% polyester microfleece inside and out to make everything juuust right when the weather is as cool as you are.

And just in case you weren't yet sold on Polar Shorts as a #1 gift for Dad, the fleece wonders also have deep, XL twill pockets to hold his 13 keys, 4"-thick wallet, and handful of spare participation ribbons, plus come not just in khaki, but also - Rrrawwwrrr! - leopard print.

Designed for the days and seasons when it's cool but not cold outside, Polar Shorts also aim to please hikers, campers, and even early fall tailgaters who want to keep vital organs covered without stifling air circulation, and while maximizing skin exposure to the great outdoors. Think of Polar Shorts like a vest for your bottom half.

Polar Shorts have an adjustable, removable belt, and zipper fly with a stretch gusseted crotch and 9" inseam for full comfort while moving and sitting. Pair a pair of Polar Shorts with a Sherpa Hoodie Blanket for a true deep dive into the fleece abyss.

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