Poler Reversible Napsacks

Posted: January 17, 2022
Poler Reversible Napsacks
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Oh, Poler Reversible Napsacks, you knew you had me at trippy colors and patterns of Rainier Beer. These camping and lounging companions certainly aren't the first wearable sleeping bags or blankets to take a seat at the fire / sprawl on the couch, but they are some of the more interesting hybrids I've seen.

Poler goes for lots of loud, standout designs in their Napsack line...and then seemingly considers that you might not want to stand out to, say, a bear or a mountain lion, and so makes the wearables reversible, with a complementary side that's a little more subdued. Or not. Some of the Napsacks scream for attention on both sides, for those of you who just want some variety in how your clothes command a campsite.

Poler Reversible Napsacks have zippers at the shoulders and a cinch at the bottom to accommodate sleep, lounge, and walk modes during wear. The zippers open the sleeping bag at the shoulders so you can stick your arms out, and the cinch both provides an opening for your legs, and gives you control over the Napsack's length.

Napsacks are more for summer than winter camping trips, with a sleep comfort rating of 50 degrees F. However, they're also good for yearlong wear in RVs and cabins, at music festivals and hotels with questionable sheets, and while you're couch surfing at your friend Cornelius' because he gave you COVID and your wife won't let you come back home until you're disease-free.

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