Relwen Moleskin Twill Insulated Shirtjacket

Posted: October 09, 2023
Relwen Moleskin Twill Insulated Shirtjacket
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I'm not sure I'd pay over $250 for a jacket, and I definitely wouldn't pay over $250 for a shirt, but a Relwen Moleskin Twill Insulated Shirtjacket? A twofer?! ... I'll mull it over.

Relwen's Moleskin Shirtjacket is made of a hefty sueded cotton twill and quilted with 80-gram recycled insulation for wear in temperature ranges of 30 to 45 degrees F. In other words, the enhanced button-up is perfect for our newly arrived fall weather, and will protect you for as long as it can when the pleasant crispness begins devolving into bitter winter chills.

Relwen makes the Moleskin Twill Shirtjacket in Navy and Barleycorn twill colors, the former with mossy green and the latter traffic cone orange insulated lining.

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