The PACK Legging - Yoga Pants for Dog Moms

Posted: April 05, 2023
The PACK Legging - Yoga Pants for Dog Moms
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Not only are The Gentle Pit's PACK Leggings a terRUFFic redesign of yoga pants to better suit dog moms, but The Gentle Pit itself is a company full of empawthy and good-dog deeds. Let's start with the latter.

The Gentle Pit is a female-owned apparel company with 2 missions: 1) Help fund dog rescues, which they do by donating at least 10% of all profits to rescue organizations; and 2) Reshape opinions and stereotypes about bully breeds, especially the pit bulls and pit mixes that often find themselves in shelters, so more dogs have a chance to find their forever homes. This they endeavor to do through education, imagery, and branding, all of which you'll find in spades on their website, and starting with the brand's own name: The Gentle Pit.

And now the yoga pants. The luxury leggings for dog lovers. The PACK. Yes, you'll find plenty of pants, and even stretchy, fitness-friendly, ass-enhancing pants, with added pockets and loops these days, but the PACK's pockets and loops are thoughtfully sized and placed to give dog moms (and dads, if you like, dudes!) access to all the items they might need on a romp with their pups. They include:

  • A built-in sweatshirt or dog leash loop running the vertical length of the legging's waistband to hold extra leashes, towels, clothing, or dog toys hands-free.
  • A pair of "no bulk" side pockets for phones and treats.
  • A back zipper pocket for cash, cards, keys, and other small EDC essentials.
  • A hidden poop bag dispenser pocket.
  • Additional stretchy slide loops to pull around the top knots of small bags and keyrings, or to clip on collapsible food / water bowls.

The PACK Leggings are made in Los Angeles from sustainable technical fabric. They come in 4 colors, and sizes XXS through 4XL. A great gift for dog moms, with a nice side gift to the rescue pups and bully breeds out there in need of some love.

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