The Space Jacket

Posted: January 18, 2015
The Space Jacket
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Seems like this Space Jacket might be better suited for the 1960s when going to space was, like, a big deal. But I guess Elon Musk has made things interesting again with his sports car-style rockets so maybe there's still a place for it in 2015.

Steven Wheeler designed the Space Jacket as a tribute to...A-MERica! F yeah!...in space. As the legacy continues across our solar system, so too does it leave its mark on our runways. The Space Jacket features a Tyvek shell with a nylon taffeta lining aesthetically reminiscent of the EVA suits astronauts wear during space walks and "foil" MLI (multi-layer insulation) used on satellites' exteriors. Quilted stitching lines emulating paneled spacecraft surfaces round out the jacket's visuals.

Space Jackets are stuffed with Primaloft Sport synthetic insulation for lightweight, compressible, soft warmth. Elastic binding around the cuffs and hood opening replaces drawcords and Velro. The Space Jacket also features a replica of the STS-53 shuttle mission patch NASA used from 1975-1992, plus an America flag shoulder patch like those sewn on EVA suits.

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