Vagisoft Clothing

Posted: January 15, 2015
Vagisoft Clothing
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I know nothing is supposed to connote comfort like a mama's womb, but when Betabrand describes it as "Vagisoft"...ummm...I think of wearing a vagina. Which could be soft. Ish. I guess. If the lady's into grooming. But it's kind of like describing, like, an oyster as soft. Now I love oysters, and I love vaginas, but not really for their ability to metaphorically double as pajamas and loungewear. If you feel differently though, maybe you would like to add some Vagisoft to your wardrobe.

The Vagisoft line includes fleece Vajama pants, hoodies, and blankets Betabrand hails as "softer than a freshly-laundered bunny." In fact, the company claims that by comparison, such a bunny would actually feel like "cacti wrapped in barbed wire." Thumper would also probably be dead from the heat and tumbling of the dryer, which might add some psychological malaise to the relative physical discomfort of snuggling up next to him instead of a Vagisoft blanket.

Vagisoft pants for men and women come in gray, black, and blue; hoodies in black and gray; and blankets in brown and tan.

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