Wet/Dry Magic Pattern Shorts

Posted: July 06, 2013
Wet/Dry Magic Pattern Shorts
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Designed to be worn for any casual summertime activity, Lacrosse Playground's Convertible Shorts appear to be a normal pair of tea partaying men's fashion. When dry. But knock their wearer in the pool right after he comments that he doesn't feel like swimming today (because that's always hilarious) and you'll see they have a couple tricks up their leg.

First, being made of quick-dry polyester microfiber, the shorts also serve as swim trunks that can be donned during a dunk and, post-cool-off, boast a mere 20-minute transformation from wet back to dry. Second, whether patterned or plain while dry, each pair of Convertible Shorts has a hidden design that appears when they encounter water. Or spilled beer. Or accidental loss of bladder control. Plain green shorts go mesh, baby blues grow seesaws, and khakis with Irish Setters become khakis with Irish Setters that have taken a collective dump. Take a look, I shit you not.

I know, in a way steaming poo is a somewhat immature and unappealing addition to a classy male's garment, but in another way it's kind of funny, plus an accurate representation of a favorite canine pastime. In fact, defecating dog shorts could be a decent litmus test for determining which girls to date. The ones who find them repulsive and scoff or make a duck face at you likely have no sense of humor and will prove to be whiny, high-maintenance, spoiled brats. In other words, 90% of girls. But the ones worth keeping around, that elusive 10%, will give you a high-five and ask if you and your shorts want to go for a dip with them and their birthday suits.

Convertible Shorts also include a zippered back pocket with a waterproof wallet. Fit is classic, fly is zip.

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