Diesel Sound of the Brave Cologne

Posted: December 26, 2021
Diesel Sound of the Brave Cologne
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Sound of the Brave Cologne, Diesel? Seems to this dude the name should be Smell of the Brave. An eau de toilette made especially for:

  • Demanding a raise.
  • Proposing to your girlfriend.
  • Revealing yourself to your crush.
  • Not backing down even though he's got, like, 4 inches and 60 pounds on you.
  • Riding in a car that your father-in-law is driving.
  • Reading the posts on Nextdoor.
  • Looking at your post-holiday credit card statement.
  • Looking at your post-holiday bathroom scale.

To name a few.

But Diesel went with Sound of the Brave for this scent, which is, in fact, part of a whole line of "of the Brave" scents, including Only the Brave, and Spirit of the Brave, but still no Smell of the Brave. One thing Diesel did do right, though, is their Brave cologne bottle design, a big clenched fist wearing a "Diesel" knuckle duster. I mean, sure, it suggests that bravery is best demonstrated through violence, particularly the streetfighting sort incorporating implements that are illegal in many states, but still. Cool bottle.

Diesel Sound of the Brave Cologne has base notes of warm amber woods and musks, followed by a heart note of bison grass, and top notes of juniper and lemon essences.

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