Smells Like WD-40 Cologne

Posted: January 28, 2023
Smells Like WD-40 Cologne
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Ready to get into some more MSCHF? Smells Like WD-40 Cologne comes in hot - but very quiet, nary a squeak to be heard - on the heels of the subversive art collective's Big Fruit Loop. And what is it?


Let me tell you.

It is a cologne...

that smells...

like WD-40.

Curiously, the only information not clear from the name of Smells Like WD-40 Cologne, what WD-40 actually smells like, is not included on the MSCHF webpage for the product. I mean, yes, we all know what WD-40 smells like, but I would have loved to read a written description of the top notes, heart notes, and base notes of my favorite oily lubricant. Ah well, like all MSCHF products, Smells Like WD-40 Cologne was a super limited edition drop the majority of us will never have the opportunity to wear anyway.

A can of WD-40 itself, however, now that's an easy get. Ace Hardware, I'm on my way!

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