Bad Kitty Catsuit

Posted: October 10, 2015
Bad Kitty Catsuit
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The first thing I noticed about this Bad Kitty Catsuit is that it looks equally hot, and makes me shift equally uncomfortably in my seat, on both thin, tan blondes and busty, red-lipped redheads. I'm still not able to get very far past that observation. So...here's what maker Black Milk Clothing has to say about their design:

"The top of this slinky catsuit is boned, so it won't slip down or lose its shape."

"Slinky," "slip down," and "boned." Indeed. Who wants to be Hello Kitty's evil twin, Hell Kitty, for Halloween this year?

The Bad Kitty Catsuit is made of nylon, elastane, and polyester. Black Milk warns the fabric is delicate (and I would guess yoga-pants see-through) and should not be rubbed against rough surfaces. In other words, no scratching your itches against couches, trees, or gentlemen's beards, ladies.

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