Bubble Wrap Suit

Posted: December 23, 2012
Bubble Wrap Suit
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I wonder if they ship it packed in porcelain. Though an official nod to Dude, Where's My Car? UFO cultists and their leader, Zoltan, the Bubble Wrap Suit really transcends circa 2000 stoner flick pigeon holes in its practicality and appeal.

Obviously the two-piece plastic jacket and pants set is an ideal way to rid yourself of the burden of minding people who are clumsy (i.e., most children and old people) or drunk. Just Bubble Wrap Suit 'em up, and let gravity and the inanimate properties of large pieces of furniture and brick walls run their natural course without concern of having your good time interrupted by tears, blood, or broken bones.

I would also recommend it as crowd-pleasing attire for your next Pimp 'N' Ho or P. Diddy White party.

And who says it's too early to start thinking about Halloween 2013? I'm going to be the new and improved Bubble Boy.

Best of all, dudes, wearing the Bubble Wrap Suit nearly anywhere nearly guarantees that the opposite sex will touch you. (I would warn ladies against donning it for this same reason.)

Do be aware, though, that walking around dressed in bubble wrap makes you a prime target for shipment to Abu Dhabi. Which may not be all bad if you end up here like Odie did.

The Bubble Wrap Suit has elastic-waisted pants with a 30" inseam that stretch from 26" to 40", and a jacket with hook and loop closures, measuring 46" at the chest. That's a fancy way of saying that one size fits most adults.

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