Inflatable Beach Ball Underwear

Posted: March 27, 2022
Inflatable Beach Ball Underwear
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All you need to stay afloat this summer is a pair of Inflatable Beach Ball Underwear! A swimsuit and life raft in one!

On second thought, the Inflatable Beach Ball Underwear might be better described as a swimsuit and death raft in one. I'm thinking, yes, the wearable pool toy will serve as a flotation device, but given its placement around your crotchal region, a flotation device for your lower half only. Meaning you'll be floating inverted. Upside down. Legs up. Ass over tea kettle. Gonna be pretty hard not to drown that way. But, hey, whatever floats your boat butt.

So assuming you don't actually wear a pair of Inflatable Beach Ball Underwear to the pool or beach, what's their purpose? Well, you see...I have no idea. A Halloween costume? Or perhaps some sort of circus cosplay costume? A weighted-blanket-style comfort tool and tactile barrier for people with sensory issues? A BDSM accessory? Given the cost of the wearable beach ball, it better be something good.

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