Sexy Mail-In Ballot Halloween Costume

Posted: October 08, 2020
Sexy Mail-In Ballot Halloween Costume
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Oh, don't tell me you weren't expecting a Sexy Mail-In Ballot Halloween Costume for 2020. You had to know, more than any other year in recent memory, this one was going to bring the cringers, eye rollers, and stomach turners to the party.

Mail-In Ballot Costume maker, Yandy, is known for their sexy seasonal regalia (actually, they refer to themselves as "the #1 site for sexy apparel" in general) and every Halloween they manage to parlay some of the year's biggest stories and pop culture sensations into scanty skin-showers for all the ladies - and dudes - clamoring to show off their favorite body parts.

In addition to the Sexy Mail-In Ballot Costume, 2020 has brought us the dubious pleasure of Yandy's Postal Babe Costume, Hand Sanitizer Costume, and Tiger Queen Costume.

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