Sexy Watermelon Costume

Posted: October 18, 2012
Sexy Watermelon Costume

I don't need hot girls to dress up as them to prove watermelons are sexy, but...it would be alright with me if some did. Maybe assemble a sexy watermelon patch for group costume effort this Halloween. As a bonus for those actually wearing the dresses, Yandy's Sexy Watermelon costume is apparently unthinkably soft. The girl in the video below says so as she semi-feels herself up. Also, its fabric is listed as "Cuddle Plush", which I didn't even realize existed in the world of textiles, but it sounds terrific! Very nice and cozy and like something I should probably touch in person. But obviously the best part of the pink-and-green, seed-filled shout out to soul food lies at the waistline, where a bite-shaped cutout reminds men of their virility for the second (or 17th) time in a 10-second period.

And ladies, don't forget: the only thing better than watermelon is watermelon soaked in vodka. Bottoms up!

Sexy Watermelon Costumes are available in sizes XS to L.

Sexy Watermelon Costume

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