Big Head Cutouts

Posted: November 02, 2018
Big Head Cutouts
$19.99 - $44.99
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Big Head custom cardboard face cutouts could be lively decorations for a big party - birthday, office holiday, bachelorette, here's-the-face-of-the-ex-you-never-have-to-see-again breakup. They could be used as props for your photo booth. Ways to cheer on, or taunt, the players at the next big game. Or the cardboard photos on a stick - especially the supersized 3' tall one - could just be a fun way to wake up your wife on a Sunday morning.

When you purchase a Big Head Cutout, you'll upload your favorite mug, of yourself, your friend Cornelius, Nicolas Cage, whoever, and Build A Head will get cropping and printing and clipping and shipping out your cardboard creation next day. Choose from 3 sizes: 12" x 18"; 2' and 3'.

Big Head Cutouts are made from vinyl-compressed foam board, and, good news / bad news, should last well beyond the night you're having them printed for.

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