Blockbuster Video Credit Card Skin

Posted: February 25, 2021
Blockbuster Video Credit Card Skin
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"Wow! What a Difference! Blockbuster Video...Credit Card Skin. No, really. This cover for your Visa, AmEx, or debit card isn't just a bit of nostalgia and nerdery for 80s and 90s kids who refuse to let Blockbuster - or at least its pop culture relevance - die. I mean, it's definitely that, but the Blockbuster Video Credit Card Skin is also a privacy and security cover for your card; it hides numbers and other stealable information from sneaky eyes and smartphone cameras when you use it, while keeping your credit / debit card stripe and chip exposed so you can actually buy stuff.

But, yeah, the Blockbuster nostalgia and the product's general retro kickassery are what we're here for. And consider this: the Blockbuster Video Credit Card Skin is basically a condom. The best kind of condom, because not only does it provide protection for your credit card, but the high-gloss, waterproof, snug-fitting skin could also lead to your own self getting laid if you flash it to a like-minded Gen X or Millennial prospect.

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