Cubelets Glowing Infinity Cubes

Posted: December 21, 2018
Cubelets Glowing Infinity Cubes
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Aussie engineer and Cubelets creator Sam would like to give you an external locus of your mind's eye, and help you find your bodily flow inside your own unique glowing infinity cube. And for the less spiritual out there, Sam has crafted some sweet assemblies of EL wire and one-way mirrored boxes, which you can set on your desktop and stare at when you're bored or need a mental break.

Cubelets come in 8 different colors, each with slightly different glowing wire arrangements. You can choose a design shown on Sam's Cubelet homepage, or give him an idea of what you think your personal rhythmic flow would look like in sculpted form, and he'll make a custom Cubelet to match.

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