DJ Leggings

Posted: January 29, 2013
DJ Leggings

I have to admit, part of the reason I like these DJ Leggings is that they make it look like you can just temporarily unplug a girl's tubes to keep her from getting pregnant. Which, to whomever out there is working on the creation of human cyborgs, is a feature that should be folded into your first generation. And even though designer The PussPuss claims their Italian fabric tights were crafted in the image of the Stanton M 207 Battle Mixer and Technics Turntables, judging by the company's own name, I don't think my interpretation is too far off the mark.

In addition to the fallopian tube/turntable arm front side, I admire the LP record butt cheeks on the leggings' back side too. The rest of the buttons and knobs and sliders also round out the equipment nicely, rendering the DJ Leggings one pair of musically-minded pants I'd pay $20 bucks to see spin in just about any club.

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