Foot Hammock

Posted: July 23, 2014
Foot Hammock

Well, it's no recliner. And it's no foot massage. And it's no having a lady wash your feet and cut your toenails and cuticles as you sit in one of those vibrating chairs at a nail salon...uh...so I've heard.... But the Fuut foot hammock isn't a bad everyday substitute for more cumbersome, more expensive, and less at-your-desk appropriate forms of taking a load off. Plus, it's a tiny, adorable little hammock. For your feet.

Made by Korean firm Connect Design, the Fuut dangles from 2 ends of a desk or table by its adjustable-length ropes strung through a pair of mounted metal brackets. Shortened ropes hang a higher hammock for feet at rest, while those extended fully support a hovering foot "Work" position, similar to an airplane or tour bus footrest.

Foot hammock beds are made of cotton and come in orange, navy, yellow, olive green, pink, and white. Bed dimensions are 25.6" long x 6.7" wide.

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